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Nick Araco, Jr. has a demonstrated track record as a multi-talented business development, marketing and organizational leader.

Nick is the co-founder and Chairman and CEO of AchieveNEXT, a provider of specialized Human Capital Services and developer of the Alliance Peer Advisory Networks, including The CFO Alliance and the CHRO Alliance — the professional Networks responsible for introducing disruptive knowledge-sharing to the C-Suite Finance & HR Communities in North America.

Over the past 20+ years, Nick has been able to bring his unique ability of "Making Connections that Count” to finance executives and business leaders across North America. He serves as 'the voice of the CFO community,'​ representing the more than 8,000 Finance Leaders and Members of The CFO Alliance, and as the founder of The CHRO Alliance, a Peer Advisory Network that empowers Modern HR Leaders to make complex decisions on People, Strategy, Technology & Risk. Nick is a regular speaker at Executive Conferences, has appeared on Bloomberg, and is called upon by the media and press for commentary on the opportunities and issues that drive the global economy. Nick prides himself on his selfless approach, his passions for learning, and personal mission to impact the career success of each person with whom he forms a connection. This is evident in Nick's earning his Herrmann HBDI® and Chally/GrowthPlay Assessment Certifications which allow him to administer and utilize the latest tools being leveraged to identify and nurture any company’s most valuable assets, its people.

Previously, Nick served in senior leadership roles at leading global law, accounting and business advisory firms, established and led a human capital management practice and was a practicing attorney. Nick is a published thought leader, a highly sought after public speaker and a recognized global business leader.

Specialties: Social Media, CFO and CHRO Thought Leader, Frequent Speaker, Published Writer.