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AchieveNEXT's CFO Alliance Network educates, engages and empowers Modern Finance Leaders to make complex business decisions regarding Strategy, People, Technology and Risk. Members enhance individual and enterprise performance by accessing:
Make better decisions by leveraging peer-driven insights, benchmarking, metrics and data.

Tap into the wisdom and experience of peers related to your most important opportunities and issues.


Move from strategy to execution and measurable results through vetted resources and solutions drawn from an unparalleled network of Peers and Partner experts.

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Human Capital Strategy & KPIs  

High-performance organizations are no longer being ...

  last person joined 3 hours ago

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Technology Strategy & Solutions  

When it comes to IT investment, CFOA members agree ...

  last person joined 10 days ago

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Risk Management Solutions  

Risk Management commonly falls under the purview of ...

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Compensation & Benefits  

Executives have made top line revenue growth their ...

  last person joined 5 days ago

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Growth Strategies  

This Community is a safe place to discuss, debate and ...

  last person joined 2 months ago

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Digital Transformation  

Digital transformation is the process of using digital ...

  last person joined 15 days ago

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Cybersecurity & Readiness  

Reputation and brand are everything, and, when a cyber ...

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Financial Planning & Analysis  

Successful Financial Planning & Analysis is designed ...

  last person joined one month ago

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M&A and Financing Strategies  

This Group was created with the intent to provide actionable ...

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Talent Acquisition  

A compelling hiring process today truly creates an ...

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