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Mid-Market Enterprise Leaders Are Preparing for Potential Slow-Downs and Believe Resilience Depends Heavily Upon the Strength and Performance of Their Culture The CFO Alliance Releases 6th Annual 2019 Executive Compensation and Culture Study

By Nick Araco posted 09-09-2019 10:33 AM


The CFO Alliance, a leading peer advisory network for more than 8,000 CFOs and qualified finance executives from middle market and emerging enterprises, released its annual 2019 Executive Compensation and Culture Study, powered by Insperity and AchieveNEXT. The sixth annual benchmark Study surveyed more than 200 CFOs, CHROs, and executives of mid-sized organizations, both public and private, across North America.

This Survey is unique in that it not only benchmarks salary data but also allows enterprises to benchmark the design and types of short- and long-term compensation programs offered, including the components and total compensation of CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers, as well as for other C-Suite leaders, including HR, Sales and Marketing Leaders. In addition, the Survey identifies and quantifies trends in how culture and compensation impact top-line, bottom-line and shareholder value performance.

“We are very excited about the expertise that the professionals from Insperity and AchieveNEXT bring to this year’s Study, especially given the increasingly complex and volatile business, economic and regulatory environment in which our CFO Alliance Member companies are operating,” says Nick Araco, CEO of The CFO Alliance. “Given the increasing volatility and uncertainty tempering the current business, economic and capital markets, Mid-Market enterprise leaders are preparing for potential slow-down or setbacks. Therefore, their corporate resilience, i.e., their enterprise’s ability to exploit an advantage or rebound from a setback, depends heavily upon the strength and performance of their culture.”

Analysis of the data captured via this Study, accompanied by specialized research produced by leading Mid-Market advocates, provides four (4) critical takeaways that Mid-Market enterprise leaders must consider for the remainder of 2019 and 2020:

  1. Rise of the Employer Value Proposition: Leading Mid-Market Enterprises measure and provide incentives for customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and even strength of relationships, but most finance leaders lack clarity on how and if to measure the alignment between these key performance indicators (KPIs).
  2. Top-Performing Mid-Market Enterprises attempt to provide the ‘right’ drivers to attract top talent and to prevent employee turnover, but continue to battle ever-increasing base salary compensation levels and ever-changing employee expectations.
  3. High-Performance, Mid-Market Enterprises actively promote increased career advancement opportunities and ‘career agility’ to their employees to reduce talent defections but continue to struggle with measuring the effectiveness and outcomes of these investments.
  4. Modern Finance Executives are increasing their efforts to clearly understand, define and articulate, in both quantifiable and qualifiable terms, the ‘DNA’ of their enterprise culture and the impact it has on their enterprise performance.

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