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Let The Numbers Speak: Bringing FP&A Competencies to Sales & Marketing

By Nick Araco posted 02-22-2019 01:28 PM

While nearly 3/4 of the finance leaders who participated in the 2019 CFO Alliance Sentiment Study have committed their enterprises to increased top line revenue this year, more than 45% of them also note that this will be their enterprise's greatest challenge.  This means that sales & sarketing will remain 'center stage' as CFOs will continue to seek, train, develop, and deploy talent and solutions with FP&A capabilities throughout the enterprise so that they can effectively measure the ROI (Return on Investment) and the ROO (Return on Objective) for the investments their enterprises are making to drive sales and marketing. 

CFOs are not leaving this ROI and ROO burden and benefit to their sales and marketing colleagues alone. While most believe that driving growth and profitability will hinge greatly upon their enterprises' sales and marketing efforts and their colleagues' abilities and effectiveness to nurture and enhance the customer experience, over 43% of financial executives also indicated that their own direct involvement - the dedication of their own time and the application and use of their relational capital - to develop, manange and differentiate their customer relationships, will continue to increase throughout the year as well.  Many finance leaders are rolling up their sleeves and playing a direct role in sales, marketing and the customer experience, with almost 1/3 of the CFO respondents allocating tackle more of their time, energy and effort to meeting and understanding the ever-changing customer needs than ever before. 

What impact does this have to the DNA of the talent finance leaders are looking for on their own teams?  According to most, being able to capture, analyze and utilzie data and numbers is not enough.  Finance leaders and their supporting teams must continue to develop their communication skills and build meaningful relationships across the enterprise.  Stay tuned for more on this topic as the 'war for customers' and the 'war for talent' rage on...
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