As Our Q3 Roundtable Series Comes to a Close... It's Clear That It's All About the People

By Kelly Reiff posted 10-07-2019 09:48 AM


Our Q3 Roundtable Series has concluded! Thank you so much to the finance leaders who came together over the past 4 weeks and shared their insights with a room of their peers in 13 markets across North America. The Q3 Roundtable Series focused on how CFOs can mitigate risks that stall growth within your enterprise. During the series, CFOs and Finance Leaders discussed how to better recession-proof their business, manage employee risks, and deal with margin compression. Each Roundtable discussion brought different ideas to the table; finance leaders left with enhanced knowledge and understanding on three key areas of focus:

  • How to build a tight link between risk management and business performance processes, including how best to identify, prioritize, and determine the people, the skills, the processes, the resources, and the technology required to mitigate these risks.
  • How to lead a C-suite and board discussion of enterprise risk preferences, focusing on which choices will most likely deliver economic profit for the enterprise, and
  • How to use risk analytics to inform strategic and investment decisions.

Not only were these key takeaways discussed, but through the CFO Spotlight Q&A facilitated by Nick Araco and peer-to-peer breakout groups, we saw common issues, themes, and ideas arise as well. One thing was clear: the conversation always came back to ‘people’ and how it is important to hire the right kind of individuals that fit the company’s overall culture, in turn eliminating turnover risk. Another common theme was around the modernization of technology and how important it is to stay up to date on today’s technology trends. It is crucial to keep moving forward and not get stuck in your “old ways”. Enterprises that continue to evolve will thrive and be rewarded in the long run.


Our Q4 Roundtable Series kicks off on November 5. We hope to see you there, in one of our 13 Major Markets, to discuss: the importance of driving enterprise growth in 2020 through acquisitions, assets, alliances, and automation.