For Modern Finance and HR Leaders, Smart Benchmarking Starts With Knowing Whom To Compare Yourself To.
 The CHRO Alliance
                                            The CFO Alliance
Who Are the Members of AchieveNEXT's Alliance Peer Advisory Networks?

AchieveNEXT's Alliance Peer Advisory Networks are the leading peer advisory networks for more than 8,000 Modern Finance and HR leaders representing middle market and emerging enterprises from diverse industries and markets.

Membership to the Alliance Peer Advisory Networks are for Modern Finance and HR leaders who are committed to a path of constant learning, self-improvement, and knowledge, experience and insight sharing. Alliance Network Members share their knowledge, insights, advice and counsel virtually and in-person to 'Make Connections That Count.' 
"I have found my Peer Advisory Group to be a meaningful way to share ideas, experiences, successes, failures, both personal and business, in a safe and confidential setting." - Bill Elkin, CFO of ECMD, INC
If you are a Modern Finance or HR leader who embodies these principles in your professional and personal life, then you should join The Alliance Peer Advisory Networks.

What We Offer Our Alliance Peer Advisory Network Members:

Given that time is the greatest asset you are managing, we've built the most efficient and effective platforms for enterprise leaders to access and harness the power of qualified peer networks, at any time, from anywhere. 

The Alliance Peer Advisory Networks empower Modern Leaders to make complex decisions on the 4 Forces that drive their individual and enterprise performance: The intersection of Strategy, People, Technology and Risk. Members enhance individual and enterprise performance by accessing:
Make better decisions by leveraging peer-driven insights, benchmarking, metrics and data.                                                    

Tap into the wisdom and experience of peers related to your most important opportunities and issues.


Move from strategy to execution and measurable results through vetted resources and solutions drawn from an unparalleled network of Peers and Partner experts.

What You Can Do as a Peer Advisory Network Member:

Collaborate.  As a Member, you can meet quarterly via our confidential Peer Advisory Group meetings with 15+ high-caliber, non-competitive Peers who will challenge assumptions and find out what you can do to drive your individual goals and enterprise success.

Benchmark.  You can extend your reach and your understanding with access to 8,000+ Finance and HR leaders world-wide so you can get as much unbiased feedback as possible on your individual and enterprise opportunities and challenges.

Execute. Your Peer Advisory Group Members, your Facilitators, our Partners and our Team hold you accountable for meeting your individual and enterprise goals and objectives. 

Optimize.  With the support of AchieveNEXT's Alliance Networks, you will work with qualified Peers and select Partners towards one common goal – to make better decisions that benefit you and your enterprise.

Why AchieveNEXT? Through our Peer Advisory Networks, you gain a diversity of perspectives from qualified Peers who have faced and overcome similar challenges and seized comparable opportunities throughout their careers.